Martin is an office clerk at an urban hospital in Saskatchewan.

This past year has been tough on Martin as a health care worker. He has seen the devastation on visitors faces when they learn that they aren’t able to see their loved one due to crucial public health restrictions.

He’s seen the pain on employees' faces as they return to work each day with an increased expectation of their workload, as short staffing runs rampant.

Prior to COVID, Martin's job consisted of handling the phones, directing visitors, clients and staff to various departments within the hospital.

Over the past 16 years in health care, Martin has loved meeting the public and was inspired to do this job because he feels that his ability to assist people and put them at ease is an asset. The pandemic changed a lot of the dynamics of his job as COVID-19 screeners are now the first contact that visitors and clients make inside his faciity. 

Martin feels emotionally drained. In a time where people need compassion and understanding, they are met with restrictions and security. The uncertainty of just where we are in terms of the virus in Saskatchewan and opening up amenities is difficult to face.

Martin, we know this has been difficult. We are pushing hard for workers like you to be respected, protected and paid through our Hey Moe campaign. Thank you for being there for all of us in these difficult times.

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