Today the 22nd of April, SEIU-West is proud to celebrate ‘Administrative Professionals Day!

What do Admin Professionals do? They provide administrative support and coordination for a department/program/facility; ensure administrative procedures are maintained. They provide guidance, instruction and advice to department/program/facility staff on administrative procedures and requirements.

To celebrate this day, we’re shining the spotlight on Linda, a Ward Clerk at Parkridge Center.  Her typical day includes charging out the supplies used by the residents, making laboratory & supplies requests, scheduling appointments and consults, filing documents and any other administrative work.

Linda has worked as an Administrative Professional for over a decade. Her extensive experience has served her well during the COVID-19 pandemic, testing her ability to adapt quickly while making sure everything runs smoothly.

Although her job is very stressful at times, Linda enjoys her it.   She is able to see how brain injury has changed the lives of some of her residents and their families which has made her appreciate everyday even more. She says, “In a second your whole life and your family’s life could change. Sometimes the family are unable to visit a resident or they might be uncomfortable visiting them because they seem like a completely different person; I try to make these peoples days as good as possible. So it makes me appreciate what I have”.

Due to the pandemic, Linda says, “we’re now required to wear a mask and sanitize our workstation thoroughly before we start work because it’s been used by the previous shift. They also take our temp and ask us detailed questions when we come in to work.  We need to change out of our street clothes when we come to work and same thing when we leave for home. I’m glad they’re taking such precautions and taking our safety seriously. It takes extra time but it’s an important safety measure. I’m all for it, if it will help save a life why not”.

We’re proud to celebrate our Front Line Heroes, the Administrative Professionals who keep the administrative wheels turning smoothly!

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