Dear Members of SEIU-West:

In an effort to keep you all up-to-date on the recent cyber-attack affecting SEIU-West that we first reported to you on March 11, 2022 and updated you on March 15, 2022, we want to provide a further update on where we’re at with this situation.

Here’s the latest: 

  • Our internal systems are being restored on a systematic basis while implementing additional steps to ensure SEIU-West’s member and financial information is secure and cannot be compromised any further.
  • The cyber-attack introduced a potential risk in that some personal information of Union members was accessed. This information could include names, addresses, and Social Insurance Numbers (SINs), or other information related to members of the Union that has been collected for the Union to represent its members. Please note: the Union does not have access to or store the banking information of its members. For further information on steps to monitor your credit file and financial information, please see our update from March 15, 2022.
  • We currently have no knowledge that member information has been misused in any way. We will be notifying individuals whose information may have been affected as a precaution.

We are and always have been committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of our members’ information, and we deeply regret any inconvenience this may cause you.  We want to assure you that we took immediate steps to secure your information and appropriate safeguards were put in place. Additionally, we are reviewing and updating our policies and procedures regarding data privacy and security. 

Should you have any questions regarding this update or if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to call the Member Resource Centre during regular business hours—Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm by phone toll free at 1.888.999.7348 ext. 2298 (province-wide) or by email [email protected] or via our contact form on the website. 

We take our role in safeguarding your personal information and using it in an appropriate manner very seriously. We are doing everything we can to investigate and rectify the situation. We are sorry for any inconvenience you may experience from this unexpected event. 

Please check our website, for updated information and links to resources as they become available.


Barbara Cape

Neil Colmin
Janice Platzke

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