We have a major win to report this week: members at Valley Action Group Homes have reached an agreement that includes a significant pay increase of 5% as well as a $500 signing bonus! We also successfully negotiated an increase in the night shift premium, as well as non-monetary improvements including:

  • better access to vacation
  • improved shift trade language
  • restrictions on scheduling and schedule changes
  • improved call in rules
  • the addition of paid leave for citizenship ceremonies
  • the addition of son-in-law and sister-in-law to the bereavement list
  • improvements to the grievance process
  • the addition of reimbursement up to $750.00 for personal property loss or damage at work
  • improved personal floating day options

In addition, this agreement ensures new letters of appointment to all staff which will make their guaranteed hours the same as their regularly scheduled hours. This new collective agreement demonstrates the strength of our union and we’re happy to report members voted unanimously in favour! The best way for workers to improve their working conditions is to come together and collectively bargain. If you know anybody who could benefit from Joining SEIU-West, have them call the SEIU-West Organizing Department at 1-888-999-SEIU.   

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