Win of the Week! July 21-27

SEIU-West members are constantly doing more with less and face workload issues on a daily basis. So for this week’s win, we’re so happy to share a win related to workload. Members who work in a Community Based Organization (CBO) were struggling to ensure the quality of care they wanted to provide for clients due to workload. TLR (transferring, lifting, repositioning) was a particular struggle and they needed to add another shift to properly complete this task. These members therefore called their Union Representative who then called the Employer – these members also met with their Employer soon after to talk about their concerns. As a result of their initiative, the Employer added the requested coverage and this change went into effect just a few days after their meeting. While we struggle to address workload across the province, it’s important that we celebrate wins in order to encourage further action to address workload issues. When we fight back together, we win together!

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