Win of the Week! March 3-9

We have another great win to share this week! A member was facing undue discipline and as a result, SEIU-West filed a grievance. It went through steps one to three until reaching the point of arbitration. At that point, the employer recognized our winning position in a potential arbitration and heavily reduced the level of discipline with our member receiving a settlement as well. SEIU-West works to ensure workers’ rights are protected and we are proud to celebrate alongside this member!

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From November 22-28, SEIU-West is proud to recognize and celebrate Education Week! SEIU-West is pleased to acknowledge the work that Education Assistants, Library Technicians, Custodians, Tradespeople, Food Service Workers, Administrative Assistants, and School Bus Drivers do to prepare students for tomorrow. The SEIU-West education team ensure our children experience quality...

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