Win of the Week! May 12-18

This week we saw nearly 200 members, staff, and special guests come together for our bi-annual SEIU-West convention. Our theme this year was SEIU-WEST – Together Strong, Together Safe. This theme carried throughout the two days as members shared ideas, listened to one another, asked questions, held debates, and  all the while learned steps to build a stronger SEIU-West and a vigorous labour movement here in Saskatchewan and across borders. We had guests and staff share their informative expertise around safety issues, and took part in workshops to enhance our shop floor skills around OH&S. We also held elections and wish to congratulate the members who were elected, and a give special thanks to all members who put their name forward for election – the fact that we have so many members interested in leadership positions is a true sentiment to the vast skillset and power that shapes our union. This week was yet another demonstration that we are Stronger Together!  

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