Win of the Week! October 13-19

Recently, an employer did not adhere to our collective agreement in health care as they placed a full-time employee on the casual list in a different classification. This not only resulted in a collective agreement issue, it led to other members not getting calls for shifts as they would have before. SEIU-West therefore filed a grievance and this issue has been resolved. It is vital that we enforce our collective agreement so everyone’s rights are protected. What a great win!

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Celebrate Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR), Health Care Security, and Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technologists (CLXT) Week October 13-19!

SEIU-West members who work in MDR, Security and the CLXT classification are necessary to the health care team because they help to ensure safe and quality health care provision. Health care providers who work in MDR protect and strengthen patient safety by ensuring health care equipment is dependable, clean and...

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