Over the past few days, over 80 SEIU-West members participated in our Activist Training in both Saskatoon and Moose Jaw! They grew their skills to develop campaigns that matter to their workplace and communities. Though the skills gained can be transferred to any issue, our members focused their workshops around Federal election issues. In Saskatoon, members petitioned to gather signatures in support of Pharmacare while in Moose Jaw, members focused on committing our candidates to invest in public services in order to ensure provinces have increased funding for safe staffing levels. Check out some of the course feedback:

“This course is a must for everyone.”

“I was impressed with all I learned and how I can be an activist in my community - I have learned so much to bring back to members and my community." 

“It was very informative and showed me that I need to use my voice more.”

“I am more confident in speaking to members and the public.”

“This training helped me talk to others about politics.”

We look forward to seeing these members lead and take action on issues that make our communities better places to live and work!  

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