Celebrate National Home Care Month!

November is National Home Care Month!


SEIU-West would like to celebrate all our valued Home Care members who work really hard to ensure that their clients are well taken care of every day. 

With an aging population and crowded hospitals, adequate home care is now a vital health care service.

Home care provides assistance which allows people to continue to live safely and independently in their homes; and recover from medical procedures at home.

Home care requires trust.

Health care providers who work in home care assist people with their most intimate care requirements including but not limited to: meal preparation, personal grooming, assisting with medications, and observation or ongoing assessment.

Unfortunately, stagnant wages, a lack of guaranteed hours and dangerous workloads in the sector have led people to leave for other jobs.

Add to that the rising cost of education and it makes it difficult to attract new people.

To all our SEIU-West Home Care Health Care Providers, we thank you for all you do particularly in light of the limited resources you have.

Tell the government to be fair to those who care; as our elected leaders they need to do more to ensure that people get the home care services they need. Our public health care sector needs to be fully funded and staffed to meet the needs of Saskatchewan’s growing population. Send your letter today at EndUnderstaffing.ca.


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