Announcement: Vice President

We want to take a moment to thank our outgoing SEIU-West Vice President Neil Colmin who took on this challenging role over the past eight years.

Neil’s dedication to SEIU-West members is deep and sincere. He spear-headed the groundwork that led to the creation of our Multicultural Mentorship Committee, took the lead on ensuring we could still inform our new members about their union by developing the online New Member Orientation video, and supported the work of the union in every way he could.

He is unafraid to take on a new challenge and has a deep passion for equity and inclusion. From his impassioned speeches at conferences and conventions, to his ability to listen and support others in their time of need, he truly is a genuine good man and his voice will truly be missed in this leadership role.

We hope he will continue to apply his passion by remaining active in whatever role he wants to take on within our Union. Brother Colmin, you will be missed.

Announcement: Executive Board Members

Over the course of convention, two members were not re-elected to the board—Kyla Kuffner-Cameron from the Former Saskatoon Health Region and Carmela Verwimp form the Community-Based Organization and Private Sector.

Carmela decided to not run again for the board position so that she could take on a temporary staff position with SEIU-West in the Contract Bargaining & Enforcement department.

Kyla was not elected in her caucus but will continue as Unit Chair for Saskatoon City Hospital.

We want to take this opportunity to thank both Kyla and Carmela for their service to the SEIU-West membership.

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