Education Committee


To keep our members informed and up-to-date with a view to broadly promote our union and to expand upon education opportunities for members interested in taking on an activist, leadership and/or a representative role. Providing members and members’ families with educational opportunities through scholarship program and setting criteria for selection process.


To educate, engage and motivate our members through our education opportunities. This will activate and empower members to be leaders in our union.


Colleen Denniss

Recording Secretary:
Carmela Verwimp, Direct Care Worker - Variety Place - 306-867-4115

Committee Members:
Brenda Coben
Mandy Doering, Office Adminstrative Assistant - Population & Public health - 306-291-8149 
Jacqueline Dovell
Jessica Eastveld, Support Worker 306-262-0898
Nicole Lillico, Community Outreach & Education Worker - Kids First Moose Jaw - 306-690-7305
Charlene Redekopp, Head Cook - Rosthern Hospital - 306-222-2571

Top Officer:
Janice Platzke, – 306.773.2536 ext. 8732

Staff Representative:
Catherine Gendron, - 306-652-1011 ext. 2236

Work of the Education Committee:

The members of the Education Committee do many things including:

Attend Career Fairs in Saskatchewan;
Administer the Scholarship program for Children of SEIU-West Members and SEIU-West Members;
Inform about available Member Education Programs.


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