We met with the SHA on March 17, 2023 to discuss several outstanding issues that must be addressed in the transition to the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).

The priority has been payroll issues. The SHA will be transitioning our members in the former Extendicare facilities to the SHA legacy payroll system with a target date of May 1, 2023. There are several changes that we are working through that will include a Letter of Understanding (LOU) that will identify a change to your pay periods. This change will shorten the time between the cut off and pay date from 11 days to 6 days. Further, the payday will be on a Friday—not a Thursday. The SHA is going to share a calendar that will show the transition from the Extendicare payroll system to the SHA payroll system.

A few recent issues that were raised by members that we are seeking further information on is the period of time that the SHA T4’s covered. For those of you preparing to file taxes, and those who have already filed, the Extendicare T4s were in the online pay portal, as expected. However, a short time later, the T4s for SHA were also posted into the online pay portal. Make sure you are accessing both the Extendicare and SHA T4s when filing taxes. We are waiting for clarity about what time period is covered by the SHA T4.

The question of time banks (sick time, vacation, stats, time in lieu) was discussed. The SHA said that the sick time banks were posted in February with a 30-day window for staff to identify discrepancies. They will be posting the stat banks for all staff next week with a further 30-day window for members to identify errors. They will be following up with us to clarify what they are going to do to ensure that any time in lieu banks are correct.

We’ve requested organizational charts for all facilities including those in Director and Executive Director positions.

There will be more discussions coming forward and we’ll provide you with any updates we have.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Member Resource Center at [email protected] or 1-888-999-7348 Ext. 2298 or use the contact form on our website.

In Solidarity,


Barbara Cape



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