Food service workers are vital to the care and well being of clients, patients and residents. Their care and attention to dietary needs are a critical part health care services, which is why we are celebrating Food Services Week! We heard from Evelyn, an Assistant Cook in Saskatoon, about what she loves about being a part of the Food Services Team!

Food service workers have been around as long as there have been hospitals and as the healthcare technology has changed and adapted, so has food technology. Evelyn has been a proud part of the Food Services Team for nearly 27 years! Wow, what a commitment to ensuring that people's dietary and nutritional needs are met! 

Over the years, Evelyn has studied food handling and safety to ensure that each meal is prepared not only with the special dietary needs of each patient, but to protect patients from the risk of food borne illnesses and allergies. Every day, Evelyn is on hand to prepare meals for patients, and the cafe, while staying ready and prepared if special diets are required. Evelyn fondly recalls Feast Day, where they serve about 500 meals for patients, their families and workers until late in the day, reminiscing "It makes me smile when they show appreciation of the meal that was served that day."

Food not only fills our dietary and nutritional needs, the warm and comforting meals nourish every part of us. Food Service Workers are a critical part of of the health care team and we're here to give you the recognition that you deserve!

October 2 - 8 is Food Services Week. Be sure to take a moment to reach out to the Food Services Workers in your facility and thank them for all that they do!

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