We often get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves and end up having too much stress in our lives. Most of us can relate to this reality. This is why SEIU-West is celebrating International Self-Care Day! This day is earmarked for us to take time for ourselves.

There are many definitions of Self-Care. Something simple like visiting your doctor is also considered to be self-care. Here is a definition provided by World Health Organization: ‘Self-Care is what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, and to prevent and deal with illness. It is a broad concept encompassing hygiene (general and personal), nutrition (type and quality of food eaten), lifestyle (sporting activities, leisure etc.), environmental factors (living conditions, social habits, etc.) socio-economic factors (income level, cultural beliefs, etc.) and self-medication.’ For more information on Self-Care you can visit the official website of the International Self-Care Foundation.

Here are seven pillars of Self-Care provided by International Self-Care Foundation:

  1. Health literacy – includes: the capacity of individuals to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health decisions;
  2. Mental wellbeing, Self-awareness & Agency – includes: knowing your body mass index (BMI), cholesterol level, blood pressure, and engaging in health screening;
  3. Physical activity – practicing moderate intensity physical activity such as walking, cycling, or participating in sports at a desirable frequency;
  4. Healthy eating – includes: having a nutritious, balanced diet with appropriate levels of calorie intake;
  5. Risk avoidance or mitigation – includes: quitting tobacco, limiting alcohol use, getting vaccinated, practicing safe sex, using sunscreens;
  6. Good hygiene – includes: washing hands regularly, brushing teeth, and washing food; and
  7. Rational and responsible use of products, services, diagnostics and medicines – includes: being aware of dangers, using responsibly when necessary.



To celebrate International Self-Care Day, SEIU-West is inviting you to participate in this word search puzzle! Send the complete puzzle to [email protected] and be entered to win tickets to the Regina Folk Festival 2018. There cannot be anything better than Self-Care through music.

The deadline to enter into the ticket draw is August 3rd! One winner will be selected to receive a pair of tickets for a fun weekend at the festival, so make sure you send in those completed puzzles before the deadline!

Click on the picture above for a printable copy of the word search puzzle! 

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