Dear members of SEIU-West:

Stemming from the cyberattack SEIU-West was the target of in March, the criminals have made a renewed threat to release information stolen during the attack. You may have received, or may receive in the future, an email, phone call, etc. regarding releasing your personal data, including threats to access bank accounts.

These threats are intended to create an emotional response from you. Best practice is to never engage with them. If you receive an email, delete it. Never click on a link or attachment from an unknown email. If you receive a phone call, hang up. Refuse to engage.

While these threats claim the attack stole all SEIU-West data, the speed with which we were able to respond to the incident meant only a fraction of data was stolen. Any claims that all data was stolen is factually untrue. Additionally, any illicit access to our system has been discontinued and added security measures are in place.

We continue to evaluate our IT infrastructure to further update, strengthen, and secure our systems against any future incidents such as this. SEIU-West is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your information and takes the events of March 10 very seriously.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the Member Resource Centre at 1.888.999.7384 or by email [email protected].

For more information on this incident, please see our previous member updates:

March 11

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April 8 President's Message (contains information about credit monitoring for potentially impacted individuals)

    *Note, if you received a letter with a code for TransUnion (as Barb explains in her April 8th video), that code expires August 30, 2022.


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