Saskatchewan Spectrum Rally

SEIU-West encourages you to join a rally to support the many affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Regina on Wednesday, May 8th at 11:30 am in front the Legislature. 

The host of the rally is a mother of 3 whose eldest was diagnosed with severe non-verbal autism. She recognizes and experiences how hard it is raising a child on the spectrum in Saskatchewan due to the huge gaps within the education system.

The rally organizers want the Ministry of Education to recognize the growing needs for kids on the spectrum in Saskatchewan. They are advocating for the government to start providing more support within schools and funding for families. 

This is a rally about coming together and standing with families who have a loved one affected by ASD, and it’s about shining a light on what we can do to make Saskatchewan better for everyone,  no matter where they are on the spectrum.

SEIU-West encourages you to join this rally on Wednesday, May 8 at 11:30am. Because we know this issue particularly affects our members who work in education, SEIU-West will offer mileage to carpool to Regina as well as lunch expenses for all our members. Please email [email protected] if you plan to attend the rally and we can provide flags and purple swag as well.

To join the Facebook event, click here


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