June 4 - 10 is Unit Assistant and Unit Support Worker Week. This week provides an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the hard-working folks in a classification that many people don't know about! We are happy to introduce you to Jessica, a Unit Assistant who works in the emergency room of an urban acute care facility.

Jessica is trained as a Medical Administrative Assistant. In a typical day, she works the desk, porters patients, equipment, and supplies, picks up and delivers specimens, and orders and stocks needed supplies. Making the decision to work in healthcare can be difficult one, as the work can be exhausting and demanding. We asked Jessica what made her decide to choose a career in healthcare and she told us that this career offers her job security, stability, and growth, as there will always be a need for healthcare. She loves the challenge of her work, there is always a variety of responsibility and tasks which keep her engaged in her job and allow the opportunity to branch out to different areas.

While working in healthcare can be a challenge, it is also very rewarding. We asked Jessica what the most rewarding part of her work is and she told us that she loves to know she can have an impact in people's lives. She can bring kindness into someone's day, offering encouragement, compassion, positivity, and hope. We are so thankful to know that Jessica can offer this bright spot into the lives of the people who pass through her facility.

Jessica shared with us that as a person with a disability, the best part of her job is being able to help people. She knows the struggles, whether physical, mental, or emotional, that a person can face when they are ill, which allows her to relate to the patients.

To Jessica, and every other Unit Assistant and Unit Support Worker, thank you for your diligence, your ability to handle an everchanging number of tasks and responsibilities, and your compassion. You are a critical part of the healthcare team, and your amazing work is key in keeping your units running efficiently and effectively!

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