In order to support our SEIU-West bargaining team in their negotiations with SAHO, the Provincial Contract Action Team (ProCat) has been engaging with members to support our new campaign about understaffing and the need to ensure fairness for health care providers ( and  ProCat members have communicated the high level of community support for our campaign as the public understands the crisis of understaffing in health care and the efforts that must be made to retain and recruit health care providers. At these meetings or BBQs, family members have shared their first-hand views of health care workers doing more with less – they want to see increased staffing levels for both their loved ones and the workers who take good care of their family members. Many have asked for campaign materials to share with their friends and families, and many have said they’ll be sending a letter to their MLA on our campaign websites as well. This is an important win because it is vital for all people – whether a health care provider or a member of the community – to support our health care system and those who work within it. Be sure to share our campaign far and wide – there is strength in numbers!

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