The mission of the SEIU-West Worker Safety Committee is to create strategies and programs that broaden the awareness of safety for all SEIU West members. We will strive to be a knowledgeable resource for SEIU West Staff and the Executive and  to offer education and support for our members on matters relating to Occupational Health and Safety.

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:

Kevin Fallis - St. Paul's Hospital (Saskatoon) - 306.716.3660

Maureen Colmin - Pioneer Lodge (Moose Jaw) - 306.684.3384

Committee Members:

Justine Cherpin - Southwest Homes (Swift Current) - 396.774.6727

Susan Andreas - The Meadows (Swift Current) - 306.750.9971

Angela Caragata  - Pioneer Lodge (Moose Jaw) - 306-630-8615 

Lee-Anne Newsham - The Meadows (Swift Current) - 306.315.3158 

Tanya Sheppard - Royal University Hospital (Saskatoon) - 306.222.7537 

Susanne Kraus - The Bentley Moose Jaw - 306.630.5220

Joey Javier

Top Officer:
Janice Platzke – 306.773.2536 ext. 8732

Staff Representative:
Karman Kawchuk – 306.652.1011 ext. 2232

Committee Openings

As you may be aware, we have a number of committees who are looking to fill vacancies. If you are an SEIU-West member (or know of an SEIU-West member in your workplace) that is looking for a great way to get involved in your union, are enthusiastic, curious, and ready to learn, take a look at the various committees and see if one peaks your interest.

The committees looking to fill out their allotted number of members are as follows:

  • Aboriginal Committee
  • Multicultural Mentorship Committee
  • Political Action & Awareness Committee
  • Worker Safety Committee
  • Young Workers Committee

If one catches your eye, send in an Expression of Interest form. 

We also have a Committee Openings poster that can be displayed on the SEIU-West bulletin board in your workplace for coworkers to find. Joining a committee is a great way to meet new people, step outside of your comfort zone, and show your solidarity in your union.



Day of Mourning: April 28, 2020

On April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, we remember and mourn for the workers who have been injured or killed on the job. In remembering, we must not let those lost lives be in vain. We need to rejuvenate our efforts to make sure all workers can come home from work safe and healthy every day.


Join a SEIU-West Committee!

SEIU-West Committees keep us at the forefront of the Labour movement in Canada, and provide an excellent opportunity for members to learn from each other. Committee members serve for two years, and we have now approached the end of a two-year term so we are requesting SEIU-West members and all current committee members to submit their Expressions of Interest form should they wish to serve or remain on committees.


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