Click here to download a printable PDF file of  Workload Tracking Forms: Why Do We Fill Them out?


A safe workplace with balanced workloads allows SEIU-West members to provide the best possible services to patients/clients/residents/students (P/C/R/S).

The SEIU-West Workload Tracking form has been developed for SEIU-West members to report workload issues that hinder the provision of safe quality services to P/C/R/S.

To resolve workload issues successfully, we need you and members of your department to fill this report out whenever a workload problem arises in the workplace.



Workload data collection provides physical evidence – we use this evidence to meet with employers, government representatives, and for consultations and/or submissions.

This data is also useful to back up our claims in Occupational Health Committee (OHC) meetings in order to resolve workload issues.

One form per incident is recommended.

When working short, we advise that you also fill out an OH&S Workplace Incident report.


How to report a workload issue:

  • Discuss your workload concerns with your supervisor. If concerns are resolved communicate to all members in your department.
  • If your concerns are not resolved, fill-out the online or paper Workload Tracking form.
  • Ensure your working short incident is always reported to the Occupational Health Committee (OHC).


SEIU-West Workload Tracking forms can be submitted online or by fax.

Click here for ways to fill out and submit an SEIU-West Workload Tracking form or ask your Unit Chair for a copy of the form

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