To identify, support, and celebrate gender and sexually diverse members in their workplaces.


The committee shall be composed of up to eight SEIU-West members, in good standing, who identify as members of the Gender and Sexually Diverse Community. 

The committee shall be tabled by two co-chairs; one of whom must not identify as a man, and one whom does not identify as a woman. There will be an elected recording secretary, nominated by the committee members. 


  • To increase the visibility of Sexually and Gender Diverse members in the workplace.
  • To create a visible SEIU-West presence within the Sexually and Gender Diverse community.
  • To educate SEIU-West members, staff and leadership about Sexual and Gender Diverse issues.
  • To educate the Sexual and Gender Diverse Community about labour issues and support workers' rights within our community.
  • Network with other labour and community groups to build a strong, visible coalition of Sexually and Gender Diverse allies and activists.
  • To work in collaboration with other organizations supporting Sexually and Gender Diverse community members.
  • Organize against all discrimination, specifically discrimination based on sex or gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation or perceived orientation, and or marital status.
  • Promote Sexually and Gender Diverse active participation and leadership, to work for union democracy and rank and file development. 


Committee Members:

Committee Co-Chairs

Jae Blakley - They/them

Cassitee Creary - She/her

Recording Secretary

Melanie Sadler - She/her

Members at Large

Penny Anderson - She/her

Megan Dolinski - She/they

Cara Hilton

Carter Shaw 

Top Officer
Barbara Cape – 306.693.7922 ext. 8730 

Staff Representative

Dennel Pickering – 306.652.1011 ext. 2241


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Saskatchewan 2SLGBTQ+ Elders, Seniors, and Older Persons Issues of Concern – Overview Document

Executive Summary: Survey: Still Every Class in Every School (by Eglae.ca. Read the full report here.)

Proud, Prepared, and Protected is a suite of online resources (by Canadian Virtual Hospice in collaboration with 40 Canadian 2SLGBTQ+ organizations and more than 100 members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities)

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2SLGBTQI+ Federal Action Plan (by Government of Canada)

https://www.outsaskatoon.ca/q-list/ OUT Saskatoon referral list or places that aims to be inclusive of 2SLGBTQ+) people

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