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Media Release: Proactive Protections Needed Now

For Immediate Release, April 9, 2020

Saskatoon – The provincial government and the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) pandemic response plan is creating a great sense of unease for SEIU-West health care providers.

Media Release: Worst April Fool’s Joke Ever?

For Immediate Release, April 1, 2020

Saskatoon – SEIU-West leaders and members know that our Saskatchewan Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) will be receiving a 1.8% salary increase today.

Media Release: Provincial COVID-19 Plan Deficient

For Immediate Release, March 25, 2020

Saskatoon – The front line health care providers of SEIU-West are not surprised with the recent media reports about the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and Ministry of Health ‘planning challenges’ in dealing with COVID-19.

Media Release: Canadian Blood Services Is Bleeding Us Dry!

For Immediate Release - February 13, 2020

Saskatoon – SEIU-West members and their supporters were sharing information with the public outside of the Hilton Garden Inn in Saskatoon this morning. This is where the annual Partners for Life Breakfast was being hosted by Canadian Blood Services (CBS). This event is intended as a recruitment effort to engage with donors.

Op-Ed: Public Health Care System Needs More Staff

For Immediate Release - February 7, 2020

Saskatchewan people take pride in our role as the pioneers of Medicare. But the public health care system we take for granted has reached a critical point.

Our population is growing and aging, with increasingly complex care needs. Our governments have not made the necessary investments to serve these growing needs. Federal health transfers have not kept pace, and provincial funding remains driven by the ongoing narrative of a tight fiscal budget. 

This growing imbalance between needs and funding has become critically apparent on the front lines, in the form of understaffing.

As a quick fix for budget pressures, health managers are routinely leaving positions vacant when staff quit or retire, or not replacing staff who are on leave. They also refuse to add baseline staff to units whose numbers and needs have increased. The result: crushing workloads that put the health and safety of patients, clients, residents and health care workers at risk.

Urgent action is needed to fix this crisis. And the opportunity and responsibility to act belongs to all of us.

Media Release: Put Care First: Tough Questions for the Health Minister

For Immediate Release - November 20, 2019

Regina – SEIU-West members will be on hand for question period today at the Saskatchewan Provincial Legislature to hear responses from the SaskParty government on health care questions from the New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan.

Media Advisory: Put Care First – Info Picket

For Immediate Release - November 6, 2019

Moose Jaw – SEIU-West members and their supporters will be sharing information with the public at Moose Jaw City Hall on November 7, 2019.

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