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Media Release: Saskatchewan Surplus Should be Invested in Public Services

For Immediate Release

November 30, 2022

Saskatchewan – The Saskatchewan government yesterday released its mid-year financial report for the 2022-23 fiscal year. The report forecasts a $1.1 billion surplus, mainly due to a spike in non-renewable resource revenues. SEIU-West encourages the Government of Saskatchewan to not fritter away this windfall on $500 giveaway cheques and tax breaks for gym memberships, instead, they should be investing in the care workers and public services that keep this province running.

Media Release: SaskParty Looks to End Public Services, but Saskatchewan Deserves Action

For Immediate Release
October 27, 2022

Saskatchewan – Wednesday’s Throne Speech from the SaskParty lacked new and substantive information regarding the government’s plans for this new session in the Legislature. The Throne Speech outlined monetary allocations and plans the SaskParty has already released to the public, including the Health Human Resources Action Plan. This plan is heavily focused on international recruitment, but lacks in real, actionable steps to retain workers currently in the public healthcare sector.

Media Release: Health Care Workers Rally for More Respect

October 20, 2022

For Immediate Release

Saskatchewan – Three days before the start of Health Care Providers’ Week in Saskatchewan, SEIU-West members from the healthcare sector and their supporters are marching from the Delta Marriott Downtown to the Saskatoon Cabinet Office to send the provincial government a message: healthcare workers need more than empty words of praise—they need more staff and a raise.

Media Release: Clearing Surgical Backlogs a Team Effort

Saskatchewan – A commitment to catch up on surgical backlogs was announced in the Saskatchewan provincial budget leaving SEIU-West members speculating where additional staff will be drawn from given shortages we’re already seeing in health care providers working as part of the surgical team.

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