To promote awareness of the cultures of our Workers of Colour Members within our union membership, and how their values intertwine with union values.

We are committed to promoting racial justice, inclusion, and equality in the workplace and in our communities. 

We aim to build strong relationships with community organizations and allies through participation in cultural events. 


The Committee shall be composed of up to eight SEIU-West Members in good standing. The committee will be comprised of members that identify as workers of colour. Motion to appoint members will be approved by the Executive Board.

The committee will be tabled by two co-chairs that identify as workers of colour. There will be an elected recording secretary, nominated by the committee members. 


The committee, in consultation wih the Staff assigned shall hold up to two one-day face-to-face meetings per year and conference calls as may be required. Additional meetings may be requested by submitting an "Additional Meeting Request" form to the SEIU-West Executive Board outlining the rationale.  

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To assist the SEIU-West Executive Board in achieving its targets and priorities while ensuring diverse representation.
  2. To engage our Workers of Colour members to strengthen their union knowledge and engagement. 
  3. To promote racial justice, inclusion and equity in our workplaces and communities.
  4. To educate and inform all union members on Workers of Colour issues within the workplace.
  5. To keep our Workers of Colour members up to date on specific issues that might impact them.
  6. To recruit possible members by attending meetings, conferences and cultural events.
  7. To work with other Equity seeking groups to broaden and develop the goals of union members.
  8. To be an advisory and a resource for all union members, the Executive Board and bargaining committee on Workers of Colour issues and to ensure that diversity is reflected.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:
Jeanne Javinal - Licensed Practical Nurse, Community Renal Hemodialysis Centre (Saskatoon) 

Committee Vice Chair:

Valentine Osadugba - Continuing Care Assistant - Parkside Special Care Home (Regina) *On a Leave of Absence*

Recording Secretary:

Arlene Lontoc - Medical Laboratory Assistant - Saskatoon City Hospital

Committee Members:
Claudia Moran Gossmann - Home Care (Saskatoon)

Yolanda Sagayo - Head Cook, Davidson Health Centre (Davidson) - 306.262.3163  

Leta Raquel Lee - Health Records Clerk - Saskatoon City Hospital - 306.203.1544

Hassan Mowgli 

Top Officer:
Janice Platzke 1-888-999-SEIU ext 8732

Staff Representative:
Dennel Pickering – 306.652.1011 ext. 2241



The myth of race, debunked in 3 minutes - YouTube

History of Racism in Canada - YouTube

Doll test - The effects of racism on children (ENG) - YouTube


Equality Diversity & Inclusion in 2021 - WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT? - YouTube

World Refugee Day- 2020

To mark World Refugee Day, the Multicultural Mentorship Committee (MMC) reached out to Ellamor Alejandro, a Legal Administrative Assistant at a private immigration office. Ellamor shared her thoughts on the state of immigration for refugees during COVID-19. 


Committee Position: Multicultural Mentorship

Our SEIU-West Multicultural Mentorship Committee (MMC) is currently seeking to fill two vacant positions.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to expand their union involvement and activism in this position, and play an active role in making the connections for SEIU-West members as to why multicultural mentorship is important. 

The remaining term for this position is for approximately one year and four months.

We are inviting interested members to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) You can submit online or by downloading the printable PDF file of the EOI and sending it in by fax- 306.692.2807 or by email to Vice President Neil Colmin’s attention.

Once submitted, President Barbara Cape will work with the Top Officers and together they will make a recommendation to the Executive Board to appoint an eligible member to fill the vacancy for the remaining term.

If you or any of the member in your unit are interested in applying, please apply by Friday February 28, 2020.

As always, if you or your members have any questions please use our Contact form.

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