Mission & Vision

The prime purpose for our Nursing Care Committee is to:

Communicate; and

for nurses who are members of SEIU-West.

The Nursing Care Committee will be an avenue to educate our members on nursing issues.

We will:

inform and communicate with our members and the bargaining committee of issues arising in nursing;
lobby governments on issues concerning the committee and our members in the nursing sector;
be the watchdog for SEIU-West issues and concerns in nursing locally and provincially; and
be an advisory and resource for our members.

Committee Members

Committee Members:

Brenda Berry Continuing Care Assistant - Central Butte Regency Hospital -306.630.7528

Deidre Wilson - Continuing Care Assistant - Moose Jaw Home Care - 306. 631.5296

Melanie King - Continuing Care Assistant - Saskatoon Home Care 

Colleen Watson - Licensed Practical Nurse - Extendicare Elmview 306.586.1787

Sylvia Humenuik

Chelsea Barrett - Gull Lake Special Care Centre - 306.671.7780 

Wolana Fox

Melinda Lafayette - Continuing Care Assistant/Activity - Rosevilla (Rosetown) 306.831.5669 

Top Officer:
Neil Colmin, – 306-693-7922 ext. 4225

Staff Representative:
Karman Kawchuk, – 306-652-1011 ext. 2232

National Nursing Week 2021

This past year has challenged us, frightened us, and caused us stress and anxiety. But the one constant sign of hope has been the incredible frontline staff who show up, advocate for and provide hands-on care to our residents, clients and patients in our health care system (hospitals, home care, and long-term care facilities), retirement homes, group homes and private care homes.


Continuing Care Assistants a vital part of health care team

During the 2020 Nursing Week from May 11-17, SEIU-West highlighted the importance of the entire Nursing Team. However, on May 11, Sharon Garratt, (Chief Nursing Officer of the Saskatchewan Health Authority) shared a public thank you note that left out the vital role of Continuing Care Assistants (CCA) on the Nursing Team. In response, a CCA and member of SEIU-West named Michelle, sent a letter to Ms. Garratt inquiring about this omission - you can read that here. In response, Ms. Garrat send this letter, to which President Barb Cape responded to due to the lack of apology and acknowledgement for CCAs. We continue to await a response.

On June 5, Michelle's letter was shared as a letter to the editor, which became the letter of the day - check it out here.  

Join a SEIU-West Committee!

SEIU-West Committees keep us at the forefront of the Labour movement in Canada, and provide an excellent opportunity for members to learn from each other. Committee members serve for two years, and we have now approached the end of a two-year term so we are requesting SEIU-West members and all current committee members to submit their Expressions of Interest form should they wish to serve or remain on committees.


Nursing Week 2019: May 6-12

Nursing week is May 6-12!

Once again, the SEIU-West Nursing Care Committee (NCC) has reached out to all SEIU-West health care unit executive (Chairs, Co-Chairs, Vice-Chairs, and Communicators) to ask if they want a little financial help to recognize the amazing Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who work in their facilities.

If you want to make sure your unit is celebrating, reach out to someone on your unit executive to see what they have in mind.

Requests must be made through this short online survey by Monday, May 13, 2019.

Don’t forget to send us a picture of how your unit celebrated Nursing Week! By doing so, you’ll be eligible to win a CCA/LPN SEIU-West mug, new to 2019! Just send your picture to our Facebook page or to [email protected] and you and the members in the photo could each win a mug! We ask that you send these photos in early due to limited supply.  As a reminder, we do share these images on social media and on our committee page so please ensure that those in the picture are aware you are sharing it, and that no residents, clients, or patients are in the shot.

And  be sure to check out this great video featuring Kylie (Continuing Care Assistant - CCA), Leah (Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN), and SEIU-West President Barb Cape! This video will be playing on CTV all week - thank you to our wonderful nursing team for the incredible work you do each and every day! Check out the video: 


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