Political Action and Awareness


The Political Action and Awareness Committee educates and motivates our members to engage in political issues at all levels of government and lobbies for the rights of all workers.

Are you wondering why politics is important to your Union?

Whether it is a municipal, provincial or federal election or issue, the people we elect to lead our towns, cities, province or country can greatly affect our community and the lives of working people.

For instance, the federal government decides how much money in their budget will be allotted to each of the provinces for health care and education. The amount of federal funding received for public services affects our provincial budget.

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:
Dennel Pickering, CCA, Saskatoon Home Care – 306-290-8119
Laurie Harder, ESW St. Paul’s Hospital – 306-229-6641

Janine Lazaro, CCA/DA – St. Paul’s Hospital – 306-612-3285

Committee Members:
Ondrea Sieben, CCA, Manitou Lodge – 306-320-7047
Shelley Quist, CLXT, Wynyard Hospital – 306-560-3016
Martin Been, ESW, St. Paul’s Hospital – 306-260-2951
Lee-Anne Newsham, Rec Coordinator, Gull Lake – 306-315-3158


Click on the link below for the committee terms of reference:
Terms of Reference – Political Action and Awareness Committee

Important links:
Find your Federal Riding: Elections Canada
Find your Provincial Constituency: Elections Saskatchewan

Campaign pages:
Laundry and Linen Privatization
Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA Campaign)


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