The Political Action and Awareness Committee educates and motivates our members to engage in political issues at all levels of government and lobbies for the rights of all workers.

Are you wondering why politics is important to your Union?

Whether it is a municipal, provincial or federal election or issue, the people we elect to lead our towns, cities, province or country can greatly affect our community and the lives of working people.

For instance, the federal government decides how much money in their budget will be allotted to each of the provinces for health care and education. The amount of federal funding received for public services affects our provincial budget.


Committee Co-Chairs:
Tristan Banyay Youth Care Worker, Irene and Leslie Dube Centre for Mental Health
Brandy Senkin-Hiebert Social Worker

Recording Secretary:
Megan Stewart Licensed Practical Nurse, SHA


Martin Been Office Clerk, St. Paul's Hospital

Karen Turton Licensed Practical Nurse, Cypress Regional Hospital

Lisa Zunti Licensed Practical Nurse, St. Paul's Hospital

Lou Ellen Murray Senior Home Care Scheduler, SIHF Maple Creek

Top Officer:
Barbara Cape – 306-693-7922 ext. 8730

Staff Representative:
Angie Kells 306-652-1011 ext. 2225


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Terms of Reference – Political Action and Awareness Committee

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Find your Federal Riding: Elections Canada
Find your Provincial Constituency: Elections Saskatchewan

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Laundry and Linen Privatization
Saskatchewan Employment Act (SEA Campaign)

Letter to the Editor - Martin Been August 30

Better uses for resource windfall

The recent announcement by the Saskatchewan Party government to share resource revenue is suspicious. If you recall, Saskatchewan experienced a record resource revenue boom from 2011 to 2014 and no one saw either cheques in the mail or an improvement of public services. We saw squandering.

The decision to dish out a ‘share-the-wealth’ $500 payment this fall won’t even cover the increases for many that the Saskatchewan Party government has quietly imposed, such as a new school fee to make up for a shortfall in funding for our education system, provincial sales tax on children’s clothing and used cars and transportation costs to find health care out of province.

A simple injection of much-needed dollars would go a long way to clear the backlog of surgeries that health care is experiencing right now. An investment in education is investing in the future of this province.

Finance Minister Harpauer insists that investments in our public services are not sustainable, but I argue that if it was a priority, it would be sustainable.

The Saskatchewan Party tells us that they are keeping Saskatchewan strong and on the right track. It appears we are on the track for a two-tiered health-care and education system, much like the United States.

Martin Been



Find the published article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix here.

Letter to the Editor - Martin Been July 30, 2022

An article published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on July 25 titled Saskatchewan will pay private clinics to help close surgery gap,” explains the Saskatchewan Party government wants a privately run orthopedic surgery clinic to be built in the province in an effort to clear a record backlog of postponed procedures.

The article states: “The province will issue a formal request to a private company to build a site focused on increasing operating room and bed capacity for in-patient joint replacements, as well as a variety of day surgery procedures.”

The Ministry of Health says it is also exploring contracting an existing private surgery clinic outside of the province to perform hip and knee surgeries for residents on the province’s waitlist.

This from a government that once proudly proclaimed that Saskatchewan is a “have” province.

Timing of this announcement, coinciding with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Tommy Douglas’ medicare, should be more than concerning.

With the plan to build private clinics and outsource publicly funded surgeries to private clinics, is this government signalling the end of publicly funded and administered health care?

If allowed to proceed with this plan, this government will add health care to the list of items people in Saskatchewan can no longer afford.

Martin Been



Find the published article in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix here.

Letter to the Prime Minister 2022- Martin Been

Martin Been, Member of SEIU-West Political Action and Awareness Committee, has upped his game in response to the lack of response from his letter to his Member of Parliament, as well as letters to the Editor of the Star Phoenix: Investment Must Stay With Long-Term Care in Saskatchewan and concerns expressed over private healthcare in Saskatchewan and the poor response from the Provincial Health Minister.

Read on! 

Committee Openings

As you may be aware, we have a number of committees who are looking to fill vacancies. If you are an SEIU-West member (or know of an SEIU-West member in your workplace) that is looking for a great way to get involved in your union, are enthusiastic, curious, and ready to learn, take a look at the various committees and see if one peaks your interest.

The committees looking to fill out their allotted number of members are as follows:

  • Aboriginal Committee
  • Multicultural Mentorship Committee
  • Political Action & Awareness Committee
  • Worker Safety Committee
  • Young Workers Committee

If one catches your eye, send in an Expression of Interest form. 

We also have a Committee Openings poster that can be displayed on the SEIU-West bulletin board in your workplace for coworkers to find. Joining a committee is a great way to meet new people, step outside of your comfort zone, and show your solidarity in your union.



Committee Application: Two Vacancies on the Political Action & Awareness Committee (PAAC)

Two positions on our Political Action & Awareness Committee (PAAC) are currently vacant and applications to fill these positions are now open. 

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to expand their union involvement and activism in this position, and play an active role in making the connections for SEIU-West members as to why politics is important. 

We are inviting interested members to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). You can submit online or by downloading the printable PDF file of the EOI and sending it in as described.

Once submitted, President Barbara Cape will work with the Top Officers and together they will make a recommendation to the Executive Board to appoint an eligible member to fill the vacancy for the remaining term.

If you or any of the member in your unit are interested in applying, please apply by Friday July 17, 2020.

As always, if you or your members have any questions please use our Contact form.

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