Stories from the Front Line: |Amanda

Amanda has been a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) for home care for almost twenty years . She assists clients with medications, helps them get dressed, assists with baths, applies compression stockings, assists with colostomy bags and catheters, and she visits with them when time permits.

Amanda chose this career after volunteering at an urban hospital when she was in high school. She loves getting to know her clients and their families and helping to keep clients in their own homes as long as possible. She takes pride in offering peace of mind to the families of those she cares for, that their loved ones are in caring, capable hands.

Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day 2022- Tracy

Tracy is an SEIU-West member who works at an urban childcare facility in the south of the province. This is the time to appreciate all that she does for the children in her community, Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day.

In a day, Tracy provides care for ten toddlers, but it’s so much more than that. Tracy spends her time feeding, playing with, and nurturing children in a way that will make a difference in their lives. Spending time with children is something Tracy is passionate about and has been doing for 10 years. Every day is a new day, and there is always something to learn and someone to inspire.

Stories from the Front Line: |Colleen

Colleen is a Licenced Practical Nurse (LPN) in an urban long-term care facility.

She describes working through the COVID-19 pandemic as a marathon. Each day has had its own challenges and rewards. Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, she and her team have seen so many changes, which at times have come at them so fast they could hardly keep up. They’ve seen loss, heartbreak and loneliness beyond measure. She has seen her colleagues struggle.


(CCA) Stories from the Front Line: Chelsea

Chelsea works in a rural long-term care facility as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) where for the past 6 years, she has loved helping people, getting to know the residents and being part of a team.

Youth Care Worker Day 2022- Jessica

On Youth Worker Day, May 5, we shine a spotlight on SEIU-West member, Jessica, who works in an urban acute care facility. Jessica has been in the field of Youth Work for nearly ten years. Even before she obtained her certification in Youth Care Work in 2014, Jessica worked providing respite for foster families. This sparked a lifelong passion for working with youth and helping them grow.

In a day, Jessica leads youth through a variety of therapeutic recreation activities, teaches group and life skill, and engages with them to help with their healing process. These activities are designed to help her clients realize their potential and teach them coping skills. Jessica works daily to create bonds with the kids and to help them thrive within the healing process.

Connie: Laundry Services Worker 2022

Connie has been working in Laundry Services in an urban Long-Term Care (LTC) facility for six to seven years, but began her journey in the field roughly 28 years ago.

Stories from the Front Line: Stephanie

Stephanie worked in Mental Health and Addictions Services as a Medical Office Assistant (MOA) where she answered phones, de-escalated situations by phone or in-person, booked injection appointments, wrote letters, uploaded documents to provincial software, and communicated with clients. She’s worked in the drive through, test centres, and mobile in the inner city over the past year. Now she works in the MRI department at RUH. She’s proud to be a Jack of all trades!

Stories from the Front Line: Carla

Carla is a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) in an urban hospital where she works in a hematology lab. In the lab, Carla analyzes blood samples looking for blood diseases such as leukemia and anemia. She also performs testing and monitoring for anti-coagulation therapy and bleeding disorders. Throughout the pandemic, Carla's colleagues have run hundreds of thousands of COVID-19 tests.

HIMP Week 2022 Has Moved!

According to your pocket calendar, we should be celebrating Health Information Management Professionals this month. However, their recognition week has been moved to October. To give you a preview of what a HIMP does, read more about Gina.

Stories from the Front Line: Felix 2021

We couldn't be more proud of our members and the work they do for the people of Saskatchewan. Felix is one of those members.

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