Stories from the Front Line: Jody

Jody works in the Food and Nutrition (F & N) department of an urban hospital as a Storesperson, where she orders food and other kitchen products and then when she receives them, puts them where they belong. Three years ago, when she saw this posting, she thought she’d enjoy it and is happy to report that her instinct was right.

Working during the pandemic was very trying. When the pandemic hit, they weren’t sure what hospitals were going to look like so they prepared for a huge wave. Some days, it was tricky to find space for all the extra food and paper products that were necessary to have on hand to prepare for the unknown. She says that having to wear a mask for the entire day is really difficult.

Stories from the Front Line: |Joey

Joey works at a hospital in Protective Services (formerly Security Services) where he is honored to be able to serve the public.

Stories from the COVID-19 Front Line: Nola

Nola has been a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) for the past 11 years, working in the field of Home Care.

Nola goes to people’s houses to provide care such as assisting people to get washed, dressed, transferred to their wheelchairs, toileting, bathing and administering medication, along with other tasks one needs to live independently in their homes.

Working through the pandemic has been crazy because she never knew if she was walking into an contagious setting and faced clients that didn’t believe the pandemic was real. She lived in fear for many months.

Stories from the Front Line: Candace

Candace works both in the mental health sector and within the community as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) for the past 22 years.

Working through the pandemic, she had responsibility put upon her without compensation and lived with constantly changing protocols, procedures and work standards.

Stories from the Front Line: Martin

Martin is an office clerk at an urban hospital in Saskatchewan.

This past year has been tough on Martin as a health care worker. He has seen the devastation on visitors faces when they learn that they aren’t able to see their loved one due to crucial public health restrictions.

He’s seen the pain on employees' faces as they return to work each day with an increased expectation of their workload, as short staffing runs rampant.

Stories from the COVID-19 Front Line: Kyla

Kyla has been a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) in the long-term care sector for the past five years.

The past year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult on Kyla and her colleagues.

Unit Support Worker/Unit Assist Week 2021: Steph

Steph has been a Unit Support Worker (USW) for two years now and has been in healthcare for five. She works in an acute care setting in recovery.

Her typical day at work consists of helping her nurses with patients. Shet takes her patients to where they need to be and makes sure they are comfortable. She keeps the unit clean and stocked of supplies.

What she loves most about her job is the people she works with. She has an amazing team! 

Steph was inspired to work as a USW because of her Grandpa. He was the Chief of Surgery for Providence Hospital and Union Hospital in Moose Jaw. 

Unit Support Worker/Unit Assist Week 2021: Linda

Linda has worked as a Unit Support Worker (USW) both in acute care and in detox for three years. She loves her job because she gets to watch people transition from a place of pain to a place of hope and faith.

Paramedic Services Week 2021:  Shantel

Shantel has been a paramedic for almost 10 years now. Her and her team starts each shift doing their daily unit checks to ensure their ambulances are ready to respond to emergency calls with all their necessary equipment. Her team spends their spare time refining their medical skills by completing professional development through online modules, skill station & scenario testing. If they have a slower day they take advantage by unwinding and trying their best to keep things light and airy when not on medical calls.

Disability Service Professionals Week 2021: Carolyn

Carolyn has worked as a Disability Support Worker for 13 years in Saskatchewan and a total of 25 years in the field. She works in a group home in an urban community, caring for five residents. She provides personal assistance with activities of daily living as well as cooks, cleans, orders groceries and provides recreational activities for her residents.

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