Day of Mourning: April 28, 2020

On April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, we remember and mourn for the workers who have been injured or killed on the job. In remembering, we must not let those lost lives be in vain. We need to rejuvenate our efforts to make sure all workers can come home from work safe and healthy every day.


Join Purple Day February 13!

Send a Message on Purple Day!   

Purple Days support our bargaining committee when they meet to negotiate with SAHO and the Employer.     

Our bargaining committee will be meeting with SAHO on the 13th and 14th of February.

Once again we will be wearing purple to show our support. We would like you to send us group pictures of you and your co-workers, with all your “purple on” and with your best facial expressions to show SAHO and the Employer that SEIU-West members are serious and determined to bargain a fair deal!
Send your pictures to or post them to our Facebook page .

Contest: Cardiology Technologist Day


SEIU-West is proud to acknowledge and celebrate February 14 as Cardiology Technologist Day and in recognition, we have tickets to give away to the heart pumping exciting Scotties Tournament of Hearts in Moose Jaw (tickets are for the 15th and 16th of February)!


For a chance to win these tickets, tell us what are 3 signs of a heart attack.


Email [email protected] or post your answer to our Facebook page with #CardioTechDay2020 by February 14th, 2020.


All participants’ names will be entered into a draw for the tickets.

Join Pink Shirt Day 2020!

 On the last Wednesday of February, SEIU-West members across this province demonstrate their willingness to tackle workplace bullying by participating in Pink Shirt Day.


Pink Shirt Day began after a young student was bullied for wearing pink to school so the next day, hundreds of students came to school wearing pink as an act of solidarity to stand against bullying. From there, Pink Shirt Day has grown to international fame.


Once again the very popular SEIU-West Anti-Bullying Pink Shirts are up for grabs and wearing pink on February 26, 2020 could win your unit or department a pizza party!


How to participate:

  • Request pink shirts, email [email protected] – 2020 shirts are in limited supply (available sizes are: Small; Medium; Large; XL and 2XL), so be sure to request early!
  • Wear pink shirts on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 – one of our 2020 SEIU-West pink shirts; one from a previous year if you have one; or one of your own.
  • Take a picture of you and your coworkers wearing pink and send it to [email protected] or post it to our Facebook page. Don’t forget to tell us your workplace and/or department name!


Each participating department/unit will be entered to win a pizza party.


Stay tuned to our FB page for updates and to see who’s participating in 2020.

Contest: Family Literacy Day

Every year, Saskatchewan communities celebrate Family Literacy Day on January 27, and in recognition, SEIU-West is excited to announce our annual Family Literacy Day Contest!


This year we want to know what everyone is reading right now, maybe some of you bookworms are already on your second book of 2020!


To enter, simply share with us what books you or your kids are currently reading, email [email protected] or post your picture to our Facebook page ( with #FamilyLiteracyDay2020 by January 27, 2020.


All participants’ names will be entered into a draw to win one of five gift cards for a bookstore.

National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women: The SEIU-West Young Workers Committee (YWC) wants you to take action to stop violence against women

December 6th – the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women – is meant to mark the anniversary of the murders in 1989 of 14 young women at l’École Polytechnique de Montréal who were killed because they were women. December 6 acts as a day to recognize and stop the ongoing gender-based violence women experience in Canada, and to ensure awareness and progress towards concrete solutions in eliminating violence against women.

In recognition of the National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women in Canada, the SEIU-West YWC encourages you to do your part in raising awareness on violence against women and to demonstrate your solidarity for those who provide support to women in need. You can do that by participating in their contest – plus you could win one of three pairs of earrings from Hillberg & Berk; proceeds of which go to survivors of domestic violence in Saskatchewan. There are two chances to be entered to win:

  1. Send picture of yourself or a group of SEIU-West members wearing red on December 6th by email to [email protected] 
  2. Donate to your local woman’s shelter – you can take a picture of your donated items and email [email protected] or bring donated items to your local SEIU-West office in Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, or Swift Current! 

The deadline to enter is December 14, 2019!

For a list of requested items for women's shelters, visit the Moose Jaw Transition House donations list, the Saskatoon Interval House donations list, and the South West Crisis Services website


Celebrate Community Worker Appreciation Day- NOV 6

Join us as we celebrate November 6 – Community Worker Appreciation Day.  Many SEIU-West members work in the Community-Based (CBO) Sector; they work in residential/group home settings and provide services for the vulnerable, they assist with mobile crisis services, they provide day programs for the disabled and support their independent living, they work in child care programs, and they engage with clients in addictions counseling /treatment programs. CBO Word Search

It’s important to recognize this group whose work is crucial to the well-being of communities across the province. The work of CBO’s is especially vital today because they go to great lengths to cushion the effects of government cuts and understaffing, often at great personal cost.

In recognition of their valued work, SEIU-West invites you to participate in the Community Worker Appreciation Day Contest! Complete this word search for your chance to win some awesome prizes:

  1. Tickets to the Festival of Trees
  2. Tickets to the Stand! Movie
  3. A variety of gift passes to movies and restaurants


Email [email protected] with your answer by November 13, and you’ll be entered to win!

Celebrate Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) Week November 3-9!

SEIU-West is thrilled to celebrate the hardworking MRTs of our health care team.

You may have met a MRT during procedures they perform like angiograms (usually of the brain), special IV line insertions (like PICC’s), Ports, and Hickman lines, feeding tube placements, and biopsies, to name a few. MRTs are there to explain these procedures to patients and often start IVs. MRTs also assist during procedures by providing patient care, driving the x-ray equipment to guide the doctors, and scrubbing in with doctors to assist with the procedure. Cleanup and re-prep is an important aspect of their day as well as there are often many procedures and new challenges each day.

The work of an MRT is crucial for our health care system as MRTs perform imaging and radiation-related therapy, which is so often needed by patients. MRTs deliver safe and professional care by relying on the skills and experiences they’ve gained in their frontline work.

In recognition of their valued work, SEIU-West invites you to participate in the MRT Week Contest! Complete this crossword for your chance to win some awesome prizes:

  1. Tickets to the Festival of Trees
  2. Tickets to the Stand! Movie
  3. A variety of gift passes to movies and restaurants

Email [email protected] with your answer by November 13, and you’ll be entered to win!

Celebrate Facilities and Engineering Week October 20-26!

In addition to Education Week this week, SEIU-West is proud to recognize and celebrate Facilities and Engineering Week!

The work of our members in Facilities and Engineering is crucial to the success of the health care team and positive outcomes for those they care for.  We need heating, water and lighting systems to be well-organized and operational; this is required to support quality health care environments that patients, residents, visitors and staff rely on. The SEIU-West members who make up the Facilities and Engineering department ensure our health care environments are safe, comfortable, and efficient.

Members who work in Facilities and Engineering work in a variety of fields including:  Building and Energy Maintenance, Construction, Waste Management, Groundskeeping and Landscaping, and Clinical and Plant Engineering. 

SEIU-West Facilities and Engineering workers are a vital part of efficient health care work environments – none of us could successfully complete our jobs without them! So in honor of our members who work in Facilities and Engineering, we are holding a contest and you can nominate a member of the Facilities and Engineering team who really makes a difference in your workplace.  It could be their positive attitude, their awesome work, or the way they support the whole health care team.

Please send in your nominations, along with a sentence or two as to why they deserve to win to [email protected] by October 27, 2019. Your nominee could win one of several great prizes!

SEIU-West is proud to recognize October 15, 2019 as Pharmacy Technician Day!

SEIU-West members who work as Pharmacy Technicians are a vital part of our public health care team; they prepare, check and distribute medications and pharmacy supplies to ensure people are safely supplied their prescribed medications or over the counter medicines. They also help share relevant patient information with other health care professionals when requested.

Pharmacy Technicians assist Pharmacists, patients, residents and clients requiring medications which in turn, makes our communities healthier places to live and work. Thank you Pharmacy Technicians for your valuable work!  

To celebrate Pharmacy Technician Day, SEIU-West asks that you to participate in the Pharmacy Technician Day Contest!

With the election around the corner, Pharmacare is a big election issue. As many health care providers would agree, it is essential for people to be able to access their prescribed medications. However, without a universal drug plan, many people cannot afford their medications and end up skipping or splitting their medications. This leads to worsened health and often, with more people in the emergency room. So in recognition of the importance of Pharmacy Technicians and the work they do to provide prescribed medications, tell us: why is Pharmacare important to you? Email your answers to [email protected] by October 22, 2019 for your chance to win a great prize!

Celebrate Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR), Health Care Security, and Combined Laboratory & X-Ray Technologists (CLXT) Week October 13-19!

SEIU-West members who work in MDR, Security and the CLXT classification are necessary to the health care team because they help to ensure safe and quality health care provision.

Health care providers who work in MDR protect and strengthen patient safety by ensuring health care equipment is dependable, clean and effective. They inspect, assemble, sterilize, and decontaminate health care equipment – they must therefore be highly detailed in their work and meet great physical demands. Through the hard work of those who work in MDR, health care patients can expect excellence in their care.

Health care workers who work in Security are at the frontline when it comes to patient and staff care. As in any health care setting, unexpected situations can occur – Security Officers are there to provide and ensure a safe environment. Security Officers must be attentive to detail because part of their job is preventive patrol and inspection as this helps to determine whether conditions are normal. They must also be well-prepared and have the ability to respond quickly and appropriately to any number of security emergencies occurring within a health care setting.

CLXTs are vital to the success of quality and safe health care. By performing X-ray exams, Electrocardiograms (ECG) and Holter monitoring, these hard working health care technicians ensure patients receive the best care available. The role of a CLXT is to provide diagnostic tools that the entire health team relies on because they assist in the proper diagnosis and treatment of patients. CLXT’s will procure and analyze specimens, and prepare patients before any lab and x-ray procedures.

It is evident that health care providers who work in the MDR, Security, and CLXT departments are essential to safety and quality care. To recognize their value, SEIU-West is happy to announce a recognition contest!

Complete the MDR, Security, and CLXT Week Wordsearch by October 21 for your chance to win a great prize! Email your completed wordsearches to [email protected] – good luck!

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