Education Week Contest 2021

In recognition of our Education team, we encourage you to participate in the Education Week Contest!

2021 Labour Day Winners!!!

We want to  thank the over 150 SEIU-West members who entered our Labour Day contest.

This contest was so popular, we decided to double the amount of prizes from three to six!

We drew for five $25 Co-Op gift cards from the pool of members who got all six questions right and the grand prize winner of a $50 Co-Op gift card was drawn from the group of people who got all six questions AND the bonus question correct.

The answers to the questions were:

TRUE:  Unions were created by workers that wanted better working conditions.
TRUE:  Unions fought for and won Maternity and Parental Leave.

Unions fought for and won equal pay for equal work in workplaces, regardless of gender.

(There’s still lots of work to do to achieve gender equality in the workplace. Check out the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Gender Equality issues page for more resources.)

TRUE:  Vacation pay exists because of unions’ fight for paid days off.
TRUE:   Workers in Saskatchewan recently fought for and won interpersonal violence leave. This allows 5 paid and 5 unpaid days away from work to access supports or relocate to a new home.
FALSE: Unions have no further goals, our workplaces are perfect.
Bonus MRC question:


Other acceptable answers were:


Saskatoon Office: 306-652-1011

Moose Jaw Office: 306-693-7922

Swift Current Office: 306-773-2536

Our Grand Prize Winner, who got both questions right is...

Phyllis C from Wigmore Hospital

And our other prize winners are...

Lorine B from Central Butte Regency Hospital

Leann H from Saskatoon City Hospital

Janadine A from Royal University Hospital

Nicole B from Humboldt and District Health Complex

Samantha H from Gardiner Park Childcare


We hope you all enjoyed your Labour Day!

2021 Self-Care Day
Contest Answers

July 24 was International Self-Care Day!

You sent us the BEST answers ever for low-no-budget self-care methods and below are all your answers!

Congratulations to our winners:

Lyndsay, Jackie, Robin, Danelle, and Denise


CONTEST TIME! Unit Support Worker/Unit Assist Week 2021

Unit Support Workers ensure that the unit has all the necessary supplies, people go where they need to be, the environment is clean and everyone is happy. They are essentially the parents of the unit!

To celebrate USWs and UAs, we have a contest!

Tell us how many patients you porter in a day or what type of equipment you use the most! Email [email protected] by June 17th for your chance to win a gift card!

Disability Service Professionals
Week 2021

Disability Support Workers (DSWs) make the difference in the lives of their participants/residents every single day. Through a joke, a dance, a simple gesture, you brighten up the lives of those you care for. Coming to work with a positive attitude, energy and patience day after day is nothing short of amazing!


Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day

The first years of a child's life are crucial to their overall development. Early childhood educators lead children in activities to stimulate and develop their intellectual, physical and emotional growth and ensure their security and well-being.  We know that early childhood educators are a precious commodity in the future development and success of our next generation.

To Celebrate Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day, email [email protected] a pic of you with your favorite childhood book and tell us who read it to you or tell us a story about your favourite Early Childhood Educator by May 19 for your chance to win a gift card! 


Winners of NCC Gift Card Draw 2021

To celebrate Nursing week, SEIU-West's Nursing Care Committee drew 20 prize winners to each receive a $50 gift card.

Thank you to everyone who entered, may you have a wonderful week of celebrations!

And the winners are..................

Youth Worker Day 2021

Help us celebrate Youth Worker Day by telling us about someone who impacted your life in a positive way when you were a youth. Email [email protected] your story by May 13th for a chance to win a prize!


Help us celebrate Youth Worker Day by sharing a "youth filter" photo of you on this FB thread by May 13 for your chance to win a prize.

Thank you to Youth Workers, you shape what adults we end up having and being in this world!

                       And be sure to read about our Youth Care Worker Tristan!   

Celebrate Nursing Week 2021!

The SEIU-West Nursing Care Committee (NCC) wants to celebrate the work that Licensed Practical Nurses, Continuing Care Assistants and Direct Care Workers/Personal Support Workers do to care for our clients/patients/residents with a giveaway draw.

Contest! Medical Laboratory Week April 11 - 18, 2021

It’s National Medical Laboratory Week, a time to reflect on the health care professionals who work behind the scenes to help diagnose everything from cancer to diabetes to COVID-19.

To celebrate, take the opportunity to learn a bit of the terminology our members working in medical labs use every day with this crossword puzzle contest! Send a picture of yourself holding your completed Medical Lab Week crossword puzzle to [email protected] by Friday, April 16, 2021 at 5PM, for your chance to win a gift card! Download a printable PDF copy of the puzzle here, and if you're stuck, find a link to the answer key here.


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