On this page, you will find information for current educational opportunities with SEIU-West.

There are several streams of education. There are courses that are open to all members, courses that are for Unit Executive, courses that are for Shop Stewards and a course for Occupational Health and Safety Committee members. 

We start the application process 6-8 weeks in advance of the course. This allows us to book a space for the course, schedule facilitators, book necessary hotel rooms and catering based on dietary restrictions and prepare materials, as well as send out a confirmation email to members that have been accepted to attend to allow time for them to book union leave and arrange to attend the course. 

 Courses that are open to all members:

How can you apply?

Watch out on FB, our website and in weekly emails for information on how and when to apply. We will advertise these courses. Don’t get weekly emails? Sign up here

Courses that are open to Shop Stewards only:

How can you become a Shop Steward and represent members in meetings?

Talk to your Unit Chair or Staff Rep. There is a vetting process that looks at if you’re someone who would be a good fit as a steward, would maintain confidentiality and there is a clear need for more stewards at your workplace. Don’t know how to contact your Unit Chair or Staff Rep? If you call or email the Member Resource Centre, they can pass along your expression of interest. Alternatively, you can use the contact form. Once approved, you will automatically be invited to courses that you are eligible for. Watch your emails.

Courses that are open to Unit Executive:

How can you become a unit executive?

Unit Executive (Chair, Vice-Chair and Communicator) are elected at a unit meeting every four years for a term. Terms run from the end of 2019-2023, end of 2023-2027, end of 2027-2031 and so on. Unit Executives are automatically eligible for Steward training and considered Shop Stewards once trained.

Courses that are open to Occupational Health and Safety Committee Members

How can you join your Occupational Health and Safety Committee?

These are three-year terms that are elected at unit meetings. Talk to your Unit Executive to see when the next vacancy opens up at your workplace.

We also partner with Canadian Labour Congress to provide training to be able to respond to members who may be experiencing domestic violence.

This course is open to stewards, health and safety representatives, member education facilitators, or staff.

Click on a course below to get a description or print the course descriptions.

Please note: we do not post upcoming courses on this page due to course prerequisites (i.e. some courses are designed for Shop Stewards only).

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