Win of the Week! October 27 - November 2

SEIU-West is proud to announce our latest arbitration win! A member was facing a misallegation that threatened their job and livelihood, which led to a grievance.  SEIU-West made every effort to ensure this member’s rights were protected by proceeding to arbitration on this grievance.  A mutual resolve was met during this process and demonstrates that when we unite together, we win together!

Win of the Week! October 13-19

Recently, an employer did not adhere to our collective agreement in health care as they placed a full-time employee on the casual list in a different classification. This not only resulted in a collective agreement issue, it led to other members not getting calls for shifts as they would have before. SEIU-West therefore filed a grievance and this issue has been resolved. It is vital that we enforce our collective agreement so everyone’s rights are protected. What a great win!

Win of the Week! October 20-26

SEIU-West is delighted to share that we had a very successful training on Investigations & Formal Documentation, with over 100 participants! Experienced Stewards expanded their knowledge in the steps to a successful investigation and learned what to do and what not to do in the use of applicable documents. They also learned about the importance of preparedness when investigating, recording, and documenting at the shop-floor level.

Some feedback from the workshop included;

“Excellent course! Very helpful tips and information.”

“Everyone needs this!”

“Great session, lots of discussion.”

“Informative, good case files.”

SEIU-West is excited to see these members utilize the skills they gained in order to make our workplaces better places to work. Way to go!

Win of the Week! October 6-12

SEIU-West is overjoyed to share another incredible organizing win this week! Workers at Green Falls Landing, a Revera Retirement facility in Regina, voted overwhelmingly to join SEIU-West! These members will now join their comrades at the other five Revera Retirement residences currently unionized with SEIU-West. Big thank you to our organizers and new members – thanks to your dedication, another 60 families will reap the benefits joining SEIU-West.

Win of the Week! September 29-October 5

SEIU-West is thrilled to announce workers at Saskatchewan Society of the Protection of Children (SSPC)- Parent Aide Programme have joined our SEIU-West family! The workers voted strongly in favour of joining SEIU-West and have already had a unit meeting to elect their interim bargaining team and unit executive. Now that the certification is official, we’re excited to see our newest members enter bargaining. Thank you to the organizing team for a job well done and big congratulations to our latest SEIU-West members!    

Win of the Week! September 22-28

SEIU-West is excited to celebrate another great win this week! A member was eligible to work an overtime shift yet their employer did not follow the standard process in letting this member know, resulting in a missed shift. SEIU-West filed a grievance and at step two, it was resolved and this member was made whole. Way to go!

Win of the Week! September 15-21

Over the past few days, over 80 SEIU-West members participated in our Activist Training in both Saskatoon and Moose Jaw! They grew their skills to develop campaigns that matter to their workplace and communities. Though the skills gained can be transferred to any issue, our members focused their workshops around Federal election issues. In Saskatoon, members petitioned to gather signatures in support of Pharmacare while in Moose Jaw, members focused on committing our candidates to invest in public services in order to ensure provinces have increased funding for safe staffing levels. Check out some of the course feedback:

“This course is a must for everyone.”

“I was impressed with all I learned and how I can be an activist in my community - I have learned so much to bring back to members and my community." 

“It was very informative and showed me that I need to use my voice more.”

“I am more confident in speaking to members and the public.”

“This training helped me talk to others about politics.”

We look forward to seeing these members lead and take action on issues that make our communities better places to live and work!  

Win of the Week! September 8-14

This week members of SEIU-West Committees - the Aboriginal Committee, Education, Member Organizing, Nursing Care, Political Action & Awareness, Retiree, Worker Safety, Workers of Colour, and Young Workers - gathered in solidarity to prioritize safety as they commit to achieve safer conditions in both the workplace and in our communities. There was a ton of energy in every discussion as committees ensured their focus and goals would be centered on safety. We’re also excited that many members are newly engaging with committee work, which only grows our union’s strength as more members become active in their union. Remember this is YOUR union, and we’re excited for the direction these committees will take us! Be sure to check back on our Committees page for the work that’s being done.

Win of the Week! September 1-7

It is vital that workers have safe work environments so when SEIU-West members identified their workplace as being far too hot due to a dysfunctional air conditioning unit, SEIU-West worked with the members to ensure the employer replaced the air conditioning unit as soon as possible. Occupational Health & Safety issues must be addressed immediately to ensure all those who live, work, and visit workplaces are safe – together, we must stand together for safety!

Win of the Week! August 25-31

SEIU-West is happy to share yet another win that demonstrates the power of our union. A member was on leave and returned to work hoping to pick up shifts. However, the member was not getting any calls. When SEIU-West approached the employer about this issue, it turned out the employer was using invalid contact information and was placing blame on the member for not getting back to them. The employer even aimed to terminate the member based on this communication failure but as SEIU-West found out, the employer was not using the formal processes in place to find current contact information, and was rather relying on old data. SEIU-West stressed the importance of using current contact information, and now this member is fully reinstated and receiving calls for shifts. It is vital that we work together to ensure workers have a strong, united voice in the workplace had this member not had the strength of their union behind them, their livelihood would have been at risk. Please join us in celebrating this important win of the week!  

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